volunteer information and training


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Hello Hunter volunteer.

Hello Hunter is committed to being a community safe programme. Below is information about the requirements to become a volunteer and the training package. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you.

Do you have an enquiry about becoming a Hello Hunter volunteer? You can call us during office hours on 4948 6837 or submit an enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.


volunteer enquiry

If you would like to proceed with becoming a volunteer please submit your volunteer application.


volunteer application

volunteer requirements

A) Complete a Hello Hunter application form.
B)  Provide a copy of your police check.
C) Grant us permission to get a character reference from your nominated Christian Minister.
D) Complete the volunteer training package.
E) Submit your Hello Hunter code of conduct and volunteer agreement.

the hello hunter training package

STEP ONE: Training Modules.

Module 1: How it Works
Module 2: COVID-19 Safe
Module 3*: Friendly Chat Modules plus additional modules** 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d & 3e.
Module 4: Referrals
Module 5: Prayer

STEP TWO: Read through the additional module information, answering a few short training questions.

STEP THREE: Submit the volunteer code of conduct and volunteer agreement.

STEP FOUR (Optional): Ongoing learning sessions are available by emailing help@hellohunter.org.au

step one: training modules

module 1.

module 2.

module 3*.

module 3a.

* MODULE 3. VOICE OVER CORRECTION: The volunteer referral is sent to the volunteer and their church team leader from the call centre (not the hub leader).   

** Thank you to Greigory Whittaker and the team at The Salvation Army for providing the additional modules that equip volunteers to make friendly chat calls.  

module 3b.

module 3c.

module 3d.

module 3e.

module 4.

module 5.

step two:

Read the additional training information and answer the training questions. If you have any questions contact us. 

training information & questions

step three:

Submit your volunteer code of conduct and volunteer agreement.

Code of Conduct and Agreement

step four:

Book an ongoing learning zoom session. In these sessions you are able to go over resources and ask questions.

book an ongoing learning session

additional volunteer resource

Copy of Finding help (1)

support service directory

The Support Service Directory aims to provide information and links to church and community welfare, crisis and support services.

If you need assistance to find a support service talk to your team leader or call the Hello Hunter Call Centre Team.

P: 4948 6837 E: help@hellohunter.org.au

example prayers

Prayers are available on request and are for the needs raised by the person asking for assistance. Example prayers can be found at the following link. CLICK HERE

outcome report

Make a Report

When help requests are completed, outcomes are simply reported by clicking on  the "Outcome Report" link. If you need assistance with accessing this report, talk to your team leader, who can assist or make the report on your behalf.

Hello Hunter is committed to the safety of all who participate.  If you have any feedback, concerns or complaints, we encourage you to connect with us by calling 4948 6837 or by completing a feedback form. Hello Hunter is committed to responding appropriately and respectfully to concerns raised.